Some applications of AI
AI can add many features and benefits to energy, healthcare, finance, banking, advertising, social media, and fake news detection. Here are some examples: Energy Efficiency: AI can optimize energy usage by analyzing patterns and predicting demand, leading to more efficient distribution and reduced waste.It can also enhance predictive maintenance of energy infrastructure, reducing downtime and […]
O noua personalitate invitata la conferinta, domnul Bogdan Chiritoiu
Inca un participant de marca si-a manifestat interesul pentru conferinta The Challenge of AI, domnul Bogdan Chiritoiu, presedintele Consiliului Concurentei. Suntem convinsi ca va avea o contributie substantiala la dezbaterile noastre, la care il asteptam (va asteptam) cu mult interes.
Artificial Intelligence – Utopia or Dystopia
The Rising of Transnational Superpowers: Hidden Forces without State Identity, Transparency, Accountability, Ethics, Social Responsibility or Democratic Mandates by Hardy F. Schloer Advancing in an era of increasingly armed conflicts and geopolitical tension between many nations and cultures has consequently focused increased attention on border security and national territorial and cultural integrity within nations. Nevertheless, […]
Artificial Intelligence – the Storm of Change
  An Introduction to the Bucharest AI Conference 11th and 12th of June, 2024, by Hardy F. Schloer There is no question, our modern day to day life has benefitted greatly from the broad adoption of the so-called Artificial Intelligence, for short, AI. Our life is changing currently in powerful ways we only can compare […]

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