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"AI is like God. Everybody talks about it, but nobody can explain it, or understand how it works."

Hardy F. Schloer

Partener oficial al evenimentului


In the economic, social, political, geo-strategic, and all the other contexts in which we live in the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become one of the most important concerns and debate topics, being considered everything from the engine of societal development to the main reason for human extinction in the near future.

To engage and (almost) clarify the realities behind the current debates, Master Communications International convenes the present conference, featuring a number of distinguished specialists in the relevant fields:

Keynote speakers

Dr. Hardy F. Schloer

Inventor of cloud computing and Cognitive AI

Dr. Ing. Florin Munteanu

President of the Center for Complexity Studies - Corresponding member of the ASTR

Dan Shomon

Former campaign chief for Barack Obama and partner in Cyber Level Ins

Acad. Ioan Aurel Pop

President of the Romanian Academy

Sebastian Burduja

Minister of Energy

Bogdan Ivan

Minister for Communications and IT

Dan Cîmpean

Director of Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate

Gen. (r) Corneliu Dobrițoiu

Former Minister of Defence

Gen. (r) Marius Opran

Romanian Space Agency

Mihai Tiepac

Senior trader, AI bot developer

Prof. Daniel Condurache

Corresponding member of the Romanian Academy

Alexandru Petrescu

President of ASF

Mihai Daraban

President of CCIR

Varujan Vosganian

Former Minister of Economy and Finance

Nicolae Bănicioiu

Former Minister of Health

Prof. Gheorghe Ștefan

Former Minister of Education and Science Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy

Varujan Pambuccian

Member of Parliament

Sorin Roșca Stănescu

Journalist, Clubul de Presa

Bogdan Ficeac

Journalist and writer

author of

“Tehnici de manipulare”

Constantin Boștină

Director of Economistul,

President of ASPES

Sorin Stanciu

President of UZPR

Union of Professional Journalists of Romania


Alexandru Mironov

Science Journalist,

TV Producer

Sorin Antohi

Historian of ideas,

Member of Academia Europea

Prof. Dragoș Huru

Academy for Economic Studies

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