Sorin Antohi

Historian of ideas

Sorin Antohi (b. 1957) is a historian of ideas, essayist, translator, and consultant based in Bucharest. He has studied English, French (University of Iași, Romania), and History (EHESS, Paris). He has taught mainly at: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; University of Bucharest; Central European University, Budapest (where he served as Academic Pro-Rector and founded Pasts, Inc. Center for Historical Studies, under the honorary presidency of Paul Ricoeur).

Has conducted research at institutes of advanced study and other institutions in Paris, Bielefeld, Stanford, Vienna, Essen, Berlin, Leipzig, etc. Has published (thirteen books, eight co-written; eight edited/co-edited; seven co-translated with Mona Antohi from English and French into Romanian; hundreds of book chapters, articles, etc.) on intellectual history, history of ideas, Romanian studies, historical theory and history of historiography, utopianism, etc. Has lectured, attended and (co)organized conferences in over thirty countries.

Has served on various academic, editorial, and civic governing or advisory bodies, e.g., member of the Board, International Committee of Historical Studies, and secretary general of the International Commission for the Theory and History of Historiography.

Member of the Committee, Utopian Studies Society / Europe (2018-). Member, Academia Europaea.

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