Dr. Hardy F. Schloer

The Inventor of Cloud Computing and Cognitive AI

Hardy F. Schloer (born in 1956) is a German-born data scientist, futurist and geopolitical analyst, co-author of the Quantum Relations Principle, inventor of the Quantum Relations Theory, founder of Schloer Consulting Group and co-founder of Raven Pack, COO of Prisma Analytics and former Research Associate and Senior Advisor to the Institute for European Studies at the University of Georgia.

His work focuses primarily on geopolitical and macroeconomic analysis, predictive asymmetric risk and threat detection, global policy and action strategies.

Hardy F. Schloer is a regular guest on The Future Now Show and an advisor for the Club of Amsterdam think tank where he speaks on the future of currencies and geopolitics. His philosophy is that reality is not unitary, but consists of ever shifting configurations of events and phenomena within shifting unique frames of reference amongst many observers.

Schloer draws from quantum physics and relativity theory but argues that they leave out an important component at the foundation of scientific observation, the human mind. A number of physicists have suggested that consciousness is a quantum process, but the Quantum Relations Principle sought to fill this gap definitively.

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